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    Snack packaging bag

    Snacks pouches are perfect for the packaging of your snack foods, it defends products from hazards like puncture, moisture, odors, air, and more. Our snacks food pouches protect your tasty treats from staleness and make your packaging user-friendly with features like tear notches, hang holes, gas release valves, and heavy duty zip locks.

    Breast milk bag

    The milk storage bags are used to store breast milk.this kind bag is very useful and  make it possible for mother to be away from her baby without worrying about her baby not getting enough food. As Factory, we help many customer to build their brand, and expand their sales market. We do OEM and ODM.

    Liquid packaging bag

    Our liquid pouches are available in glossy, matte and shiny finishing so our unique and innovative liquid packaging are helpful for seducing and tempting consumers. At HuaCang, we are able to offer excellent durability and preserve liquid for a longer time because they are manufactured using different barrier films.

    Pet food packaging bag

    Pet food bags are used for all kind of pet food packaging, the pouches are made with the reclosable zipper for reuse purpose. In order to protect the food inside, all pet food bags are made with the high barrier material to make sure they have a longer shelf life.

    Printed brown kraft paper stand up pouch

    Stand Up Pouch

    Stand up pouches are what makes products stand on a shelf or table while filling with products inside, as one of the best stand up pouch supplier in China, we have a full range stand up pouch options for our clients’ choice, as one of best innovation packaging bag products coming out in recent years that create a lot of conveniences in packaging industry.

    PE Packaging Bag

    Guangzhou YBJ Co., Ltd, professional in printing and packaging, for Custom PE Bag, mainly produce plastic frosted slide zipper, waterproof zipper bag for clothes, transparent plastic resealable slide zip lock bag, ropes plastic bag, apparel hanger hook packaging bags, PE / OPP plastic apparel bag, and so on.

    Coffee & Tea Pouch

    YBJ coffee pouch and tea pouch is able to protect its content and ensure safe and leakage proof storage and transportation. Our coffee pouches tea pouches are widely acclaimed for its excellent durability, lightweight casing, smooth finish, and cost-effectiveness.

    Auto Packaging Film

    Flexible Packaging Film mainly uses for food or non-food automatic packing line use, flexible packaging films, also called lamination film or roll stock. Most flexible packaging films are made with 2 layers material, some with 3 layers, and usually not very thick that will save cost in large volume and high-speed process.

    Fruit/ Vegetable packaging bag

    Our YBJ is China Guangzhou Printing Factory. It is the customized Fruit Packaging Bags and Vegetable Bags printing factory in Guangzhou, China, with good price offer and good reputation in China and oversea. We specialize in Fruit and Vegetable Bags printing for more than 12 year, and good at customized: grape bag, peach bag, lettuce bag, orange bag, cherry bag, etc.

    Baby food pouch

    Baby food squeeze pouches, organic baby food pouches for customers from all over the world. The toddler food pouches are used to store baby foods. As Factory, we help many customer to build their brand, and expand their sales market. As a professional manufacturer, our company is your best choice to order Custom Baby Food Pouch.

    Cello cellohane bag

    Our Clear Cello Bags are at Unbeatable Prices. Many Sizes & Styles. Ships Fast, Professional Quality. Bulk Order Cell Bags Discounts. Styles: No Flap, Flap Seal, Hanging, Gusset, Handle, Tubing. The Cello Bags are very clear and strong and meet FDA requirements for direct contact with Food. We can also accept custom sizes, printing, shape upon request.

    Courier bag

    People updated packing concept, the protective shipping & mailing envelopes are widely used instead of simple bags. It have clear poly mailers Kraft bubble mailer, metallic bubble mailer, poly bubble mailers, colored bubble mailers, printed poly mailers, bubble mailer envelope etc.

    What Are The Types of Packaging Pouches?

    For various packaging qualities and the packaging of various types of products, there are numerous befitting types of packaging pouches.

    Some common types of pouches are:

    • Bottom gusseted packaging pouches
    • Side gusseted packaging pouches
    • Flat bottom packaging pouches
    • Spouted packaging pouches.
    • Shaped packaging pouches.
    • Retort packaging pouches
    • Stand up pouches with zippers
    • Inverted cap packaging pouches

    Tedpack are professionals in the design and packaging of all of these types of packaging pouches.

    What are the advantages of using packaging pouches?

    Stand up pouches offers more advantages compared to other packaging pouches or bags, and this is why they are a preferred choice.
    Some of the advantages of using stand up pouches include the following:
    • They are self-standing pouches, and this makes storing them easier than storing other packaging materials.
    • They are very durable and long-lasting because they are made from high-quality materials
    • They offer an option of user-friendliness and improved usability.
    • They have barrier resistant properties against contaminants that are likely to affect the quality of stored products. Examples of the contaminants are moisture, oxygen, Uv light, etc.
    • Stand up pouches are highly printable packaging materials, and this offers a lot of aesthetics benefits that aid brand awareness and advertisement.
    • Stand up pouches meet packaging expectations, this makes them very cost-effective.
    Stand Up Spout Shampoo Pouch
    Shaped pouch with ziplock manufacturer
    Printing Kraft paper side seal pouch
    Stand Up Pouch for snacks with ziplock
    Square Bottom Gusseted Bag With E-Zip
    Spouted Custom Printing Liquid Pouch

    Why Choose Our Packaging Pouch?


    We can create custom packaging to effectively market your product in an industry that is oversaturated with bland, plain designs. Our flexible packaging allows for a variety of options.


    YBJ pouches and bags are available in various structures and shapes. The fact that they are multipurpose also makes them suitable and flexible to pack both liquid and solid products.


    An interesting thing about these types of pouches is that they are light.
    As such, besides just being flexible and the ability to fit much volume, they can save you a lot of money during transportation.

    Product safety

    They are good at preserving food as they enhance food freshness for long hours, and offer exceptional barrier control enabling protection against contamination elements.


    If you are looking for the most convenient packaging medium to add your brand some good value, then stand-up pouches are considerable deals.
    Most customers are attracted to a business that increases their confidence in purchasing products.


    Company Overview

    YBJ Packaging Manufacturing Co., Ltd, established in 1998, located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, China. The factory is with occupation of land about 15000 square meters. and our factory equipped with 9 colors printing and laminating production lines. We devote to Flexible Packaging for Food, Beverage, Cosmatics, Electronics, Medical and Chemical products. Main products consist of Rolling film, Aluminium bag, Stand-up Spout Pouch, Zipper Pouch, Vacuum pouch, Bag in Box, Courier Packaging etc,over twenty kinds of material structures for different purpose, including packing for snack food, frozen food, beverage, retortable food, wine, edible oil, drinking water, liquid egg and so on. Our products are mainly exported to United States, Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and so on.We are certified to BRC, ISO9001, QS food grade and SGS, the packaging material are compliance with the US FDA and EU standards.




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