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Fitment Pouches

YBJ fitment pouches is the economical and environmentally responsible packaging solution for your spout-pouch packaging needs. Because it reduced production energy, decreased storage space needs, and lower transportation cost. Our fitment pouches often provide a less expensive, fully printed, more sustainable option for your business.

YBJ fitment pouches can be extremely airtight after heat seal, with a high-end look surface when laminated polyster, mylar or aluminum foil film, and with exceptional touch feeling and premium branding when printing.

With all the feature on the fitment, pouches are customized including hang hole, window, valves and more that will create a brand new pouch with your imagination. To support your start-up company, YBJ provides lowest order amounts start from 10,000-pieces fitment pouches.

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White Stand Up Fitment Pouch

Matte Stand Up Fitment Pouch

Matte Stand Up Fitment Pouch


Foil Stand Up Fitment Pouch

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Clear Stand Up Fitment Pouch

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Black Stand Up Fitment Pouch

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Black Fitment Pouch

YBJ - The Premier Fitment Pouches Provider

YBJ offers both stock and custom-made fitment pouch including child-friendly fitment pouch, one-way breath sample pouch, disaster relief water bags, fitment pouches for caulking, soap refill bags and more.
All of which can be custom printed and made in a variety of materials.

At YBJ , we produce fitment pouches incorporating various fitments ranging from valves, tubes and filling ports. Fitments can be sealed into the edge or in the flat area of the product. YBJ will work with your design team to create the best solution.
Whether you are packaging food products like juices or sauces, powders, gels, granules, or nonfood products like fertilizer, YBJ has the most commonly used spout sizes, in stock and ready to create a uniquely perfect user-friendly package for your unique product packaging needs.

Our fitment pouches can meet the varied needs of each of our customers whose industries range from pharmaceutical to food and beverages. We are able to design and produce fitment pouches with innovative shapes that prevent flex cracking, with extremely high burst strength and the ability to withstand even the most rigorous drop testing.
If you want to customize your fitment pouch, YBJ will help and ensure that your packaging pouches are printed with colors, logos, images and design just the way you wanted them to.
YBJ , as a professional and has rich experience in flexible packaging industry, all our raw materials used for fitment pouches are BPA free and FDA approved, you can ensure 100% product safety.
For the best updated and fashionable rigidity and stability, YBJ fitment pouches will be your best solution.
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What are fitment pouches

Fitment pouches are types of fitment pouches and this makes them packaging materials that are mostly used for liquid products.
Fitment pouches make it easy to move the products, and this makes them a better packaging option than other packaging pouches and bags.
YBJ are professionals in the manufacturing and design of all types of bags and pouches, including fitment pouches based on the requirement of the customer.
YBJ also offers various types of recommendations for designing of fitment pouches based on the product that it would be used for.

What products are fitment pouches used for?

Fitment pouches are used to package various types of liquid.
This makes a versatile packaging option for a lot of companies across many industries.
Some of the products fitment pouches are used to include the following:

  • Hand washers
  • Tea andcoffee drinks
  • Vinegar
  • Wine and beers
  • Energy and sport drinks
  • Yogurts and milk
  • Alcohol, schnapps, beers, whiskey, and gins
  • Liquid wash
  • Clothes detergents
  • Stain removals and bleaching soaps
  • Insect repellants
Also, fitment pouches are one of the most demanded packaging materials today, and this is because they are needed by a lot of companies that deal with liquid and related products

What volume of fitment pouches is available?

The volume for fitment pouches depends on the manufacturer, as well as the decision of the company that is in need of the fitment pouch.
According to customer preference, some of the volume available for fitment pouches at YBJ includes the following:

  • 70ml: 80x130ml
  • 100ml: 100x140mm
  • 500ml: 140x210mm
  • 1000ml: 190x265mm

What are the various features for fitment pouches?

Customers can decide various features that a fitment pouch should take.
At YBJ we manufacture fitment pouches in various forms and features according to the choice of the customer.
Some of the features include the following:

  • Fitment pouches with trigger sprayers
  • Fitment pouches with top-mounted spouts
  • Fitment pouches with disc cap closures
  • Fitment pouches with quick flip spouts
  • Fitment pouches with push-pull closure
  • Fitment pouches with handles

Can designs and printing be done on fitment pouches?

YBJ deals with both the manufacturing process, as well as the custom designs, packaging, and printing of the fitment pouches.
YBJ makes use of some of the latest technologies and techniques to design all packaging bags or pouches.