Pet Food Packaging

Pet food bags are widely used for the dog, cat, and other pet foods.

In today’s modern world, the love between humans and their animal companions is rising at a fast pace as more people are now rearing pets in their homes. It is for this relationship that there has been an increasing marketplace for animal products.

Pet food bags are used for all kind of pet food packaging, the pouches are made with the reclosable zipper for reuse purpose. In order to protect the food inside, all pet food bags are made with the high barrier material to make sure they have a longer shelf life.

There have four main pet food bags in the market: flat pouch, stand up pouch, gusset pouch, block bottom pouch. Flat pouches and stand up pouches are used for small volume pet food packaging, gusset pouches, and block bottom pouches are used for large volume ones.

The proper pouches will bring pet food with good palatability protection, aroma shield, and improved self-supporting stability, also with zipper then makes the pouch are easy to open and close options, with TedPack’s high definition option for printing, they will help boom your pet food business.

  • All bag type, size, volume, and different printing available ;
  • MOQ start from 10000pcs for a start, printing up to 10 colors;
  • Delivery within 2-3 weeks and free samples available ;
  • BPA free and FDA approved material;

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    Custom stand up pouches for pet food

    Wholesale Custom Printing Dog food Pouch

    Custom printed dog food pouches come with unique branding designs that ensure top-notch product visibility. This means that all you have to do is submit your artwork, desired logos, text, and graphics. Our in-house graphic designs will ensure your pouches are well printed. Also, these pouches come with various add-ons such as clear window, tin ties, zip locks, round corners, and punch holes to improve their user convenience. If you need a bulk custom printed pouch, we will do it for you using state of the art technology.

    Pet Food Packaging

    Stand Up Custom Pet Food Bag

    Stand up; custom pet food bags offer a convenient and environmentally friendly packaging solution. While the pouch is durable and strong, it is flexible and lightweight also. If you need custom printed pouches for marketing reasons, they stand up pouches are the best. Their self-standing ability makes the designed graphics, logos, and branding imprints visible. Lastly, these pouches are made of laminated films to provide excellent barrier properties against oxygen, odor, moisture, tear, puncture, pest, and UV lights.

    Dog Food Bag Custom Design

    Dog Food Bag Custom Design

    Dog food bag with custom design comes in an attractive yet striking design. It is made from laminated films materials making it moistures, oxygen, and UV light proof. We use non-toxic inks for custom printing though the artwork is usually laminated. Several barriers of plastic and other material used make these pouch bags structure tear and puncture-resistant. Lastly, you will get the chance to have a say on how your pouch is going to be custom made. You will choose your desired shape, sizes, graphics, colors, and info text.

    Stand up shaped pouches for snacks feature modern shapes that will stand out from the rest. Using modern inline die cutting equipment, we produce unique pouches such as hourglass and convex shaped pouches. These pouches are designed to self-stand, and they take shapes such fruit shapes and cartoon shapes which are ideal for snack food packaging. Thanks to their great presentation, they can boost your sales. They are also made using laminated food grade materials to ensure the packaged product are ever sage for pet and human consumption.

    Black Pet Food Pouch

    Black pet food pouches are a convenient and easy way to carry pet food and treats. They are designed to fit in human hands. These pouches are ideal for packaging due to laminated films used. The high gloss black finished structure creates a suitable barrier property to keep the packaged product fresh for long shelf life. You can rest assured that your pet food is protected from vapor, odor, oxygen, UV light, moisture, and punctures. Lastly, these pouches can get fitted with different add-ons such as round corners, reclosable zippers, clear windows, and tear notches.

    Pet Food Packaging

    Clear Pet Food Bag

    Clear pet food bags are made of transparent materials to allow customers to view the product with ease and without necessarily opening the pouch. Whether it is pet’s treats, nutritional supplements or dry pet food, our stock line has an enormous array of sizes ranging from 2 oz to 40 lbs. The high clarity laminated material stands out in shelves, provides a strong barrier, and keep food well for long. These bags are made of laminated films, and the choice of these films depends on the barrier needed and the product to be packaged. Thus, we need clear packaging details to serve you right.

    September-Sales-Promotion-Side-Gusset-Kraft-Paper (4)

    Custom Kraft Paper Pet Food Pouch

    Custom Kraft paper pet food pouch is made using eco-friendly recyclable Kraft paper. This FDA approved, and food-grade material is ideal for packaging pet food such as dry pellets. The Kraft paper gives your pouches a natural look that improves your product visibility on the shelf. Additionally, the Kraft paper is laminated with foil liner, poly, and other films to strengthen the structure. Thus, the laminated structure ensures the preservation of your product freshness. Also, these bags can get custom printed or hot stamped for visibility reasons.

    Pet Food Packaging

    Custom Pet Food Pouch

    Custom Pet Food Pouch is an attractive pouch that utilizes several plastic films, including PE, PPE, BOPP, aluminum, or metalized films. The best part is that they can be recycled and hence, environmentally friendly. This pouch can be customized according to your design and printed to fit your bespoke needs. Due to the wide range of film selection, these pouches can be used to package both wet and dry pet foods. Additionally, you can get them in different colors, shapes, and sizes depending on your packaging strategy.

    Pet Food Packaging

    Custom Printing Pet Food Pouch

    Custom printed pet food pouch lets you stay ahead of the marketing game at all times. If you already have a style in mind, you will send us the artwork, and we’ll do the rest. The pouch comes with state of the art digital, rotogravure, or flexo printing with excellent photo-quality graphics. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the printing ink having a side effect on the food packaged. We used FDA approved ink and materials to ensure the health of your pet are taken care of.

    Pet Food Packaging

    Dog Food Bag Manufacturer

    An ideal dog food bag has flexible options tailored to customers, including high tech and custom sustainable packaging. Dog food bag manufacturers make sturdy, innovative packaging solutions. Our bags come with multiple closing features and high barrier laminated structures for product freshness maintenance. As manufacturers, we ensure that the bag stands out by using jaw-dropping graphics and printing graphics for marketing reasons. Our dog food pouches are designed to provide exceptional performance during distributions and packing.

    Pet Food Packaging

    Dog Food Yellow Bag

    Dog food yellow bag comes with colorful yellow color and custom printing. The side gussets allow you to display the package in a horizontal and vertical display. Also, the pouch is hot sealed for 100% barrier against vapor, light, and gas. These bags structures take pride in moisture, oxygen, UV light, and leak-proof properties. The 4 side gusset maximizes the storage capacity after filling. If you need high barrier orange-colored dog food bags, we have several film structures that would work best with different products.

    Pet Food BagPouch (2)

    Dog Food Silver Bag

    Dog food silver bags are metallic like flat-pouches that come in eye-catching silver coating color. The pouches have an appealing shiny silver color which is perfect for point of sale products and drawing customer’s attention to your item. With a capacity of 2-3Oz, these bags are made of several laminated films such as Al, PET, CPP, OPP, and many other materials which offer high barrier protection. These hot sealed bags come with Ziplocks for easy opening and closing.

    Paper Pet Food Bag

    Paper Pet Food Bag

    Paper Pet Food Bag is a side quality storage pouch that is made of laminated materials for reliable and strong packaging. The materials used are not only eco-friendly, but they give your products a natural look. The films laminated together do protect pet food from the effects of oxidation, moisture, light, and odor. If you need extra space for product branding and printing, these bags will give you enough. And more so, the structure can be tailored to meet your wet or dry pet food packaging.

    What is a pet food bag made of?

    A pet food bag can feature sturdy materials that will keep the inside contents fresh.
    A polypropylene-based plastic material like CPP or PET can appear in your pet food bag.
    The plastic compound needs to be safe for food use and should not include any BPA compounds or other harmful items.

    How large can a pet food bag be?

    From a dimensional standpoint, pet food bags can be about 30 to 120 cm in width.
    A bag can also be 400 cm high, although that would be for bulk foods.
    The size of the bag will vary based on the pet food type you’re securing.
    A larger bag can handle more food, but it can also take in more weight without tearing.
    Pet Food BagPouch (3)

    Pet Food Bags: The Ad-ons

    Every pouch has its own physical specifications. These are important because it makes each pouch unique and stands out of the crowd.
    Pet food pouches with their many different types also profess these add-ons.

    Pet food Bags with Hang Holes

    This is a very important part of these pet food bags. Hang holes are mainly used for easy storage. Not all the types professed these feature.
    Those that have this feature are stand up pouches, gusset bags, and shaped pouches.
    As the name says, the hang holes are used to hang the pouches in shelves or drawers for easy visibility and reach. This makes the bags convenient.

    Pet Food Pouches with Valve Adds

    Almost every type of pet food has a value add. The main aim of fixing valves is to ensure that pet food is fresh and does not show any sense of staleness.
    Obviously, when pet foods are stuffed and there is no place of fresh air in-flow, this automatically makes the food stale. This can consequently make your pet sick hence incurring you more costs for treatment purposes.
    This is where the valves come in handy. They allow occasional in-flow of fresh air to the bag and also prevent entry of oxygen into the bag. The valves also help in pressure relief inside the pet food bags.

    Zip-lock and Laser Cut

    The moment you’ve purchased your pet food, you’re only thinking of how fast you’ll open the package and pour whatever is inside to a bowl and there goes your pet.
    What if this doesn’t happen and takes your time figuring out how the bag is opened. You then decide to use a knife and Pu!!! There goes all the food on the floor. You then begin contemplating what to do next.
    Well, these two features got you covered to prevent this from happening. The ziplock is a structure put on the bags for easy opening. The many types of zip-locks are PE zipper and Grip Zip-lock.
    Laser Cut, in turn, acts as an easy tearing laser line. All these two ensure that you have a smooth opening when you want to give your pet the foods.

    Printing Techniques

    Many companies offer different printing techniques when producing these pet food bags. However, at the end of the day, they’ve produced the best and stellar looking pouches.
    Their main function is to produce customer-worthy products.
    However, most of the companies use the three most common methods. These are D-Met Printing, Metalized and Mate Finishing.
    Other general specifications with the pet food bags are round corners to avoid cutting your hands when handling.  Most of them also have tin-ties for the users to close the bags after every use.
    Lastly, only a few contain adhesive tapes which can be permanently used.

    Wrapping It Up

    Now that you have an in-depth explanation of pet food pouches, you can go ahead and make a purchase.
    These are the most ideal to ensure that your pets are healthy and to endlessly put a smile on your face.

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