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YBJ Packaging Bags & Pouches

Guangzhou YBJ Co.Ltd.was established in 1998, is a professional engaged in plastic film packaging bag research and development and manufacturing.

The USA and Europe are our main markets. We manufacture and supply packaging bags&pouches used in the packaging of food products, beverages, industrial products, chemicals, medical products, and agricultural products.

Production range from plastic bag design, plate printing, composite materials bag packaging and other one-stop production services.

Our annual sales amount reach to 30million and it keeps growing.Production range from plastic bag design, plate printing, composite materials bag packaging and other one-stop production services.



Why Choose YBJ For Your Custom Printed Bags?

Low minimum orders

You don’t have to be big to bag. Our custom-printed bag orders start with as few as 20000 bags, and go up from there. Smaller quantities mean you can respond quickly to changing needs. There are no special setup fees for smaller orders.

Fastest turnaround in the industry

Forget long lead times. Once we have approved artwork and proofs, we can turn your project around really quickly.

Free flat press proofs

We know it’s not just a bag, it’s part of your brand. Before your project hits the presses, if a digital proof isn’t quite enough, we’ll also send you a free flat press proof, or make you an actual converted bag

No tooling charges or setup fees

We don’t nickel-and-dime you on setup and tooling fees, or drown you in plate charges. We love projects with different artwork and lots of colors. Get creative and order multiple designs; your price won’t change.

Maximize your brand impression

We’re not a stamp or a sticker. We can custom-print your carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind artwork over the full surface of our professional-grade bags. You’ll get the big league look, and your brand will shine on the shelf, from every angle.

Variable data printing

When one bag doesn’t fit all your needs, we can custom-print a series of bags where every bag is different. You might want serial numbers, scannable barcodes, or different images. Unleash your creativity and help your brand really stand out.

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