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Stand Up Pouch

Guangzhou YBJ -Printing Co., Ltd, professional in printing and packaging for OPP bag, Stand up Bag,Stand up Pouch, they are widely used for packing all kinds of items, including  pack,garment,Hardware products stationery,paper clips,underwear,bath ball,gift, jewelry,CD disc,etc.
The opp bags what we produced include: mobile case packaging, opp plastic poly bag with header ,Opp Clear Bags For Gift Food ,Self Adhesive OPP Bopp Bag ,OPP Flat Poly Bag,Colorful Printed Self Adhesive Seal OPP Plastic Bag With Header,plastic opp poly bag pack etc.

  • All materials used are FDA Approved and Food Grade, BPA free
  • Shaped also an option for Standing on Shelves or table
  • Valve and spout, handle, window option available, with positive spout closure and degas ability
  • Puncture Resistant, Heat Sealable, Moisture-Proof, Leak Proof, suitable for Freeze and Retortable ability

Our advantage on stand up pouches are:

  • Custom print with logo up to 10 colors
  • MOQ from 10000 pcs are a start
  • Free exist sample free delivery for reference
  • Shortest delivery time for printed pouches can be less than 2 weeks.

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    stand up ziplock pouch with Black printing

    Clear stand up pouch with valve for coffee

    Clear stand up pouches with valve for coffee are transparent and clear pouch bags used to showcase the coffee beans packaged. The transparent structure allows customers to see your products easily without necessarily opening the pouch. Additionally, these pouches have a self-standing design, which makes your shelves organized and the pouches easily visible. They are also fitted with degassing valves that allow the carbon dioxide gas produced by the roasted coffee to exit. The good thing about valves is they are one-way, they allow the carbon gas to exit but prevents external air from entering the pouch hence keeping the product fresh for long.

    Aluminum stand up pouch with resealable ziplock

    Aluminum stand up pouch with resealable ziplock

    This pouch is made using high-quality aluminum plus other laminated films that provide high oxygen, UV light, and moisture barrier. Since these bags are self-standing, they create space, make, place look organized, and spare time used in rearranging pouches that have tipped over. At the top of these pouch bags, they are fitted with resealable zip locks that is easy to open and close. Depending on your packaging necessity, we manufacture these pouches of different colors, sizes, shapes, and with several add-ons. Lastly, these bags are suitable for packaging pet treats, coffee, nuts, snacks, and candy.

    Aluminum foil stand up barrier pouch with zipper

    Aluminum foil stand up barrier pouch with zipper

    Aluminum foil stand up barrier pouches with zippers are made using laminated films with AL as the main film.  Such a structure is what offers, great protection against vapor, moisture, odor, water, and even insects. Additionally, these stand up pouches come with zippers which allow you to open and reclose them easily. Bring ideal pouch choices for keeping your food fresh; they also have a large panel where you can make your marketing labels, graphics designing, or branding.

    Stand up foil pouch with handle

    Stand up foil pouch with handle

    Stand up foil pouches with handles are eye-catching thanks to added add-on for convenience like the strong handle. They have a strong base that enables the pouch to stand erect, thus giving your products enhanced visibility on the shelves. The best part is that these pouch bags come with handles, which enables you to carry the pouch conveniently. You can also use the pouch handle to hang the pouch steady on walls. Lastly, depending on your packaging needs, we manufacture pouches or different sizes, colors, shapes, and with different count of laminated films for different barrier properties.

    Matte black doypack stand up pouch with Zipper

    Matte black doypack stand up pouch with Zipper

    Matte black doypack stand up pouches with zippers are matte black finished to enhance visibility, durability, and protect the content from water and UV light. The laminated materials used do prolong your product shelve life by providing excellent barrier properties. At the top part, these bags are fitted with zippers that offers convince and keep your packaged content fresh between different use intervals. Lastly, this stands up pouches are made with a strong bottom, which allows them to sit upright on shelves.

    Gold matte stand up pouches with ziplock

    Gold matte stand up pouches with ziplock

    Gold matte stand up pouches with ziplocks are easily loved because of their dull and attractive gold look. They offer a professional appearance and plenty of room for custom printing. Since they are made of laminated materials, they are strong, durable, and you can be sure your product will remain fresh for a long shelf time. With the ziplock fitted, you are sure your packaged product will not suffer from oxygen, moisture, odor, or contaminants which agents that hasten product spoilage. This pouch is suitable for candy, chips, pasta, and dry food. Lastly, the stand-up design makes it easy to organize them on shelves.

    White kraft paper eco friendly stand up pouches with handle

    White kraft paper eco friendly stand up pouches with handle

    White Kraft paper eco-friendly stand up pouches with handles are made using laminated films that get decomposed once disposed of. These pouches are suitable for food and non-food packaging, thus offering an option away from plastics and glass containers. From the inner side, these pouch bags are fitted with foil lining for long-lasting product preservation. Additionally, these pouches are made of eco-friendly laminated films, and they offer high barrier protection from moisture, oxygen, and UV light. Lastly, strong handles are attached to the bag for convenience when carrying them around.

    Gold Color Printed Coffee Pouch with Zipper and Valve

    Brown Kraft paper stand up zipper pouch with coffee valve

    Brown Kraft paper stand up zipper pouches with coffee valves are primarily designed to package coffee. They feature degassing valves used to release carbon dioxide gas released by roasted coffee beans. The good thing about these one-way degassing valves is they help in easing the pressure created by the accumulation of carbon gas. Laminated films are used together with brown Kraft paper include ensuring high barrier properties of the packaged coffee. Additionally, the Kraft paper is perfect for coffee packaging as it gives these pouches a natural look that implies freshness or rather a fresh from the farm.

    Clear stand up pouch with ziplock attached

    Clear stand up pouch with ziplock attached

    Clear stand up pouches with ziplocks attached are made using, laminated materials which offer a previewing option for the customer to see the quality of the packaged products. Essentially, previewing helps boost customer confidence in the product they are buying. The tamper-evident used to give your stand up pouches a reclosing ability not to forget a broad filling and emptying space. Lastly, you can order for these bags of any size, shape, and holding capacity.

    Kraft-Paper-Stand-Up-Bag-Food-Ziplock (2)

    Eco-friendly brown kraft paper stand up pouch with window

    These pouch bags are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. Hence they are suitable for packaging dried fruits, snacks, beans, candy, nuts, coffee, food, etc. The materials are BPA free, contain no toxic substances that can affect human health, and are eco-friendly. The brown Kraft material has an excellent look, but while laminated with other films, the structure becomes durable, reliable, and tear/puncture resistant. It comes with a clear and transparent window convenient for displaying the packaged products.

    Customized-Stand-Up-Kraft-Paper-Bag-All (4)

    Brown kraft paper eco friendly stand up pouches with handle

    Brown Kraft paper eco-friendly stand up pouches with handles are made using biodegradable and recyclable material. The Kraft paper comes from natural substances such as wood pulp but added other additives to achieve their good looking brown color. Also, apart from being eco-friendly, these pouches are strong and durable, and puncture resistant because they are made of laminated films such as Kraft paper, PET, PE, and many others. Lastly, the ergonomic handles are added to add carrying convinces no matter the size or capacity of the bags.

    Kraft-Paper-Stand-Up-Bag-Food-Ziplock (4)

    Poly stand up pouch for food with ziplock

    Poly stand up pouches for food with ziplocks are food grade pouches used to preserve food freshness for a long time. These bags have an inner foil layer besides other laminated films that protect the packaged food products from oxygen, moisture, UV light, and odor. For reseal reasons, an easy to use ziplock is attached at the top of these pouches. If you need custom printed poly bags, we can as well do that for you.

    What are Stand Up Pouches?

    Stand up pouches are packaging pouches that are designed in such a way that they are able to stand on shelves, cabinet or anywhere they are placed.

    Because of this important feature that they possess, they are being used across industries for the packaging of both edible and non-edible products.

    YBJ manufactures stand up pouches and other packaging material.

    YBJ are professionals in the artwork and designs of packaging bags and pouches.

    Printing Kraft paper side seal pouch

    What additional features can be used for Stand Up Pouches?

    Companies can choose to add more components or features to stand up pouches in such a way that they are easier to use for consumers.

    Some of the numerous features that can be incorporated into the designs of stand up pouches by packaging companies include the following:

    • Stand up pouches with punch holes
    • Stand up pouches with valves
    • Stand up pouches with handles
    • Stand up pouches with zip locks
    • Stand up pouches with spout Stand up pouches with round corners etc.

    YBJ manufactures stand up pouches with all of these features, depending on the recommendation of the customer.

    YBJ can also provide assistance and guidance to help a customer choose the best feature based on the product that the pouches will be used to package.

    What products are Stand Up Pouches used to package?

    Because of the packaging versatility of stand up pouches and how popular a packaging material it is, it is being used in a lot of industries.

    Stand up pouches are used for the packaging of both edible and inedible products. Some of them include the following:

    • Snacks
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Agricultural products
    • Washing detergents
    • Pet foods etc.

    What volume of Spout pouches are available?

    The volume for spout pouches depends on the manufacturer, as well as the decision of the company that is in need of the spout pouch.

    According to customer preference, some of the volume available for spout pouches at YBJ includes the following:

    • 70ml: 80x130ml
    • 100ml: 100x140mm
    • 500ml: 140x210mm
    • 1000ml: 190x265mm

    What are the types of Stand up pouches?

    For various packaging qualities and the packaging of various types of products, there are numerous befitting types of stand up pouches.

    Some common types of pouches are:

    • Bottom gusseted stand-up pouches
    • Side gusseted stand up pouches
    • Flat bottom stand up pouches
    • Spouted stand up pouches.
    • Shaped stand up pouches.
    • Retort stand up pouches
    • Stand up pouches with zippers
    • Inverted cap stand up pouches

    YBJ are professionals in the design and packaging of all of these types of stand up pouches.


    As we have seen, ordinary boxes and cartons are now a thing of the past as stand-up pouches are taking over the packaging business.

    Whether you are a food processing company or someone looking for the most ideal way of organizing their fridge, then you probably need stand-up pouches.

    YBJ pouches are structured in a way that makes the filling, sealing and packing procedures cut corners.

    This means that you don’t have to go through the hard yards of logistics anymore.

    Our pouches are also engineered to sell themselves by attracting more buyers with assorted colors and wonderful artworks.

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