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Clear and Shiny custom size stand up pouches

YBJ is committed to offering the highest quality flat pouches and stand up pouch to the packaging industry. If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality packaging, our stand up zipper pouches and flat pouches are the perfect fit for you.

Stand up pouches has zipper so it can be resealed again. So the customer do not require container to store the bags. This feature adds to advantage to sell more.

Avaliable stock size pack Melon seeds pack pistachio pack Jujube pack tea pack rice unit price usd/pc
9cm*14cm+3cm(bottom) 35 g 45 g 40 g 30 g 110g $0.017
10cm*15cm+3cm(bottom) 40 g 55 g 50 g 35 g 120g $0.021
12cm*20cm+4cm(bottom) 90 g 130g 125g 50 g 310g $0.024
14cm*20cm+4cm(bottom) 140g 130g 210g 190g 70 g $0.032
15cm*22cm+4cm(bottom) 200g 310g 260g 100g 600g $0.033
16cm*24cm+4cm(bottom) 240 g 360g 280g 145g 850g $0.036
18cm*26cm+4cm(bottom) 300 g 450g 360g 200g 1000g $0.045
20cm*30cm+4cm(bottom) 520 g 630g 570g 300g 1700g $0.052
24cm*37cm+4cm(bottom) 1000g 1250g 1100g 600g 2500g $0.077
26cm*38cm+4cm(bottom) 1250g 1700g 1400g 800g 3700g $0.091
stand up pouch inner

We can also manufacture custom flexible packaging and custom printed bags

We produce custom flexible product packaging such as custom bags, and custom pouches, whether you are doing your first product launch or have done multiple custom printed projects, our focus is to take your concepts to reality .

stand up bag

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