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  • Flat Bottom Pouches

    Flat Bottom Pouches Box Pouches or Quad Seal Pouches Flat Bottom Pouches have completely flat bottom and so they are known as “Flat Bottom Pouches”. These are also known as “Box Pouches or Quad Seal Pouches”. The flat bottom allows all kinds of products for sturdy storage. It holds more weight in compare to Bottom Gusset Pouches. These pouches have gussets on left and right side, they have gusset on bottom too. The flat bottom of this pouch has been designed smartly for an attractive...
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  • Fresh, Functional Food Packaging Designed for Your Brand

    Great Products Deserve Great Packaging You work hard to provide food products that deliver outstanding quality, value and flavor for your customers. Delivering on that promise starts with great ingredients and ends with great packaging. The right food packaging looks good and performs better. Its critical tasks include: Protecting your product in every relevant environment, including storage, shipping, and retail Ensuring quality, freshness and taste Safeguarding your food product...
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  • Spouted Pouches (Fitment Pouches)

    At YBJ, we’ve helped leading brands convert from rigid packaging to spouted pouches. Spouted pouches require additional specialized expertise beyond the norm, and we offer not only exceptional expertise in spouted pouches, but also expansive in-house spouted pouch converting capabilities. This allows us to produce your spouted pouches from start to finish, without outsourcing important stages of the project such as spout insertion. We’re able to produce spouted pouches with shorter lead times,...
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  • What’s That Hole On My Coffee Bag?

    If you've ever purchased a bag of specialty grade coffee, you might notice a small pin hole located somewhere your bag. Occasionally when people grab a bag of coffee, they'll squeeze the bag with their nose near it to get a whiff of the goods inside. Believe it or not, that's not just a "smelling hole" as I've heard it referred to before. It's actually a one-way valve & it's critical to the shelf life of the coffee and the preservation of the bag itself. When coffee is fresh roasted, it releases...
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